Sustainability Policy

At Salamanca Wharf Hotel, we recognise our role in safeguarding our planet, caring for our local community, and ensuring a memorable and sustainable experience for our valued guests. We are deeply committed to making responsible choices that reduce our environmental footprint while enhancing the quality of service we provide. Our guiding philosophy is one of continuous improvement, where every decision we make is aligned with sustainable practices.

Our Sustainability Focus Areas

  1. Energy Conservation: We diligently work to reduce energy consumption throughout our operations. This includes the use of energy-efficient lighting, motion detection systems in common areas to minimise energy waste, and a commitment to extremely low energy usage. 
  2. Water Conservation: Water is a precious resource, and we take proactive steps to conserve it. Our linen and towel reuse program allows guests to make a choice for sustainability, while encouraging the enjoyment of fresh Tasmanian tap water over bottled alternatives. We refrain from providing plastic PVC bottles in minibars, further promoting tap water as the eco-friendly choice. 
  3. Solid Waste Management: We have established a comprehensive solid waste management system, with a focus on recycling. All recyclables are disposed of in designated recycling bins to minimise landfill waste. We also provide guests with recyclable notepads and encourage electronic correspondence for billing and invoicing to reduce paper wastage. 
  4. Air Quality: To maintain a healthy indoor environment, we prioritise air quality. Our building features double-glazed windows for optimal insulation, ensuring a comfortable stay for our guests. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning substances enhances indoor air quality, contributing to the well-being of both guests and staff. 
  5. Sustainable Procurement & Product Usage: We are committed to supporting local suppliers and sustainable product choices. Our minibars feature products sourced from local suppliers, contributing to the regional economy and reducing transportation-related emissions. 
  6. Sustainable Real Estate Development and Building Practices: Our building has been thoughtfully designed and constructed with sustainability in mind. Timber floors have been predominantly used for ease of cleaning, while full insulation and energy-efficient measures are in place to maximise resource efficiency. 

Our Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Linen Towel Re-Use Program: We encourage guests to participate in our linen and towel re-use program, reducing water and energy consumption associated with frequent laundering. 
  2. Reducing Single-Use Plastics: In our commitment to sustainability, we have taken decisive steps to eliminate single-use plastics from our bathroom amenities. We have transitioned to a refillable range of amenities to reduce plastic waste and minimise our environmental impact. This transition aligns with our broader sustainability goals, contributing to a greener and more responsible hospitality experience for our guests.
  3. Supporting Global Hygiene Initiatives: Salamanca Wharf Hotel is proud to be a Hotel Champion for Soap Aid, a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting hygiene and reducing waste. Through our partnership, we actively collect used soap bars from our guests and facilities, which are then responsibly recycled into new ones. These recycled soap bars are distributed to underprivileged communities, contributing to improved hygiene and well-being worldwide. Our commitment to global hygiene initiatives reflects our dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices.
  4. Paper Waste Reduction: We are committed to minimising our paper waste. We actively promote the reuse of paper for reception work whenever possible, ensuring that printed materials are utilised efficiently. We prefer electronic correspondence for guest communication, including billing and invoicing. Our aim is to reduce unnecessary paper consumption and contribute to a more sustainable environment by conserving valuable resources.
  5. Local Tap Water: Guests are encouraged to enjoy fresh Tasmanian tap water, and plastic PVC bottles are not provided in minibars to promote this sustainable choice.
  6. Local Procurement: We prioritise local suppliers for food and beverage offerings in minibars, supporting the community and reducing the carbon footprint of our products. 
  7. Motion-Detected Lighting: Common areas, excluding the main reception area pendant, are equipped with motion-detection lighting systems to conserve energy when areas are unoccupied.

At Salamanca Wharf Hotel, sustainability isn't just a concept; it's a commitment we uphold in every aspect of our operations. We recognise that our actions today can shape a more sustainable and responsible future for all. As such, we continue to explore innovative ways to further our sustainability efforts and contribute positively to our community and environment.