Help you to travel sustainably.

Here at Salamanca Wharf Hotel, we are committed to offering high-quality accommodation experiences while minimising our impact on the environment. We own our responsibility in helping to shape the future of travel and tourism whilst taking care of the environment and the community in which we operate. 

While we are striving to make big changes, along the way we are taking steps to improve the smaller aspects too, as little things can make a big difference.

Turning on Awareness for Energy Use

  • Light motion sensors in each common area and within the elevator to reduce energy usage at times of the day when guest movement is minimal. This extends to energy saving lightbulbs in each apartment, where lighting is controlled by a card. 
  • Also activated by a card, is individually controlled room heating/cooling with a highest setting of 26C and lowest of 16C to prevent excess energy use.

A Better Bathroon for All

  • Our Australian-made, refillable bathroom amenity range, Appelles, means that we are reducing our waste from the single-use plastics that once was synonymous with premium hotel offerings.
  • We take part in the soap recycling program run by the charity Soap Aid, to divert half-used soap bars from landfill to be recycled and re-distributed nationally and internationally to people in need.
  • We encourage our guests to re-use towels by signage indicating that only towels left on the floor will be replaced, reducing water usage by unnecessary laundering.

Circular Economy

  • We try to dispose of end-of-life items responsibly where we can, and when batteries in the TV remotes have stopped working or printer cartridges and pens have run out of ink, they are returned to Officeworks for recycling.
  • When guests leave unwanted items behind, be they books or clothing in good condition, and when our custom-made mattresses are starting to show signs of age, we offer these items to local charities to keep them in the economy where needed and out of landfill.

Smarter Choices

  • Transitioned to a compendium combination of both physical and digital, means that we have reduced our paper usage. The beautiful physical compendiums chosen are an A5 version, Australian-made using recycled leather.
  • Our luxurious bed throws from Waverly Mills are locally made in Tasmania, and from the upcycled range; made from a variety of reclaimed and recycled fibres.
  • The majority of our minibar products are all Tassie made. Not only are they delicious and supporting our local community, but it helps reduce unnecessary travel miles to get them here. With most items being produced within and delivered from the greater Hobart area.
  • Our day-to-day cleaning products are green; safer for our staff, guests and the environment.

We wish for our guests to feel the connection to our local community whilst staying with us, through our minibar products on offer, our room furnishings, to the personal recommendations of activities and restaurants by our wonderful team. Travelling with a lighter footprint doesn’t mean sacrificing the abundance of experience that our beautiful city and state has to offer. When choosing to stay at Salamanca Wharf Hotel, you are choosing sustainable travel. 

While our Sustainability Policy shows the key points of our framework, our Emissions Reduction Plan (PDF) is an important document we created to keep us on the right path for constant improvement. We are not perfect, but being publicly accountable is part of our progression and we welcome you along on our journey.