Tasmanian Whisky Week 2024

The week that brings together people from around the world with stories to share, and passion for whisky and spirits.

Monday, 5 August 2024 to Sunday, 11 August 2024

Tasmanian Whisky Week is a time to celebrate the numerous Tasmanian distilleries, their spirits and whisky, and their many acheivements. 

There will be a full weeks worth of events held across both the north and south of the state, covering diverse and engaging consumer events.

Over 40 distilleries attending events over 15 events, culminating in the flagship event, The Tasmanian Spirit Showcase will be held at PW1, Hobart on Saturday, 10 August.

Tasmania has definitely become the whisky destination of Australia, so what better way to get to know the very best by joining us for the incredible Tasmanian Whisky Week to celebrate.